Looks are nice but attitude is whoa!  FEED ME BEASTS!!!

Enough said....
Hello and welcome.  My name is Anthony and I have a love for all things photography, although it definitely didn’t start that way.
When I first created this website in 2005, it was going to be an online portfolio to showcase my skills as a writer/director.  During the
filming of various projects, actors would ask me where they could go for headshots.  I would refer them to photographers I admired on
MySpace, but eventually thought I should give this whole photography thing a try.  Now, THAT was a life changing decision. Yes, the
images I created initially were sub par to say the least, but the seed was planted.  I had the itch.  The ball was rolling (and any other cliché
of your liking)!  Recognizing my potential, there was no turning back.  Since then, it has been a journey of constant growth, and I can’t
wait to see what’s next!
"Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?"
Howard Hughes